Q&A with Lucky 777’s Gaming

Q: Do I need to sign any contracts with Lucky 777’s for the system to have the machines?

A: No. Lucky 777’s handles all paperwork regarding machines.

Q: How do I collect the money?

A: You don’t. We have a recovery agent that will be assigned to your establishment that will set up a maintenance schedule with you and provide you access to all of the earnings reports.

Q: What if it breaks?

A: Immediately report the issue to your assigned agent and our IT specialists will be out to service the machine.

Q: How much space do you need to install the machines?

A: We have various machines, but the average slot machine requires at least, 2.5 ft per machine

Q: How many machines can I have?

A: Regulations vary by state and depending on your location you might have space for 1-2. Our Sales Reps can guide you in the best direction for your business.

Q: Is this legal?

A: Regulations vary by state. Currently its up for vote in 2 years with the state of Florida. Lucky 777’s works closely with each counties local authorities to insure its allowed until then.

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: We simply ask that you, unplug the machine and contact us asap to schedule pickup

Q: What’s the establishments cut from the machine?

A: You get 50% of the machine’s earnings after the payout. Example: (If the machine takes is $2000 for the week. The payouts are $1400, that leaves $600 to be split 50/50.)

Q: What is the Average Payout percentage for games?

A: An average payout is around 70%.

Q: Do I have to report my earnings?

A: You will file a 1099

Q: What happens if the machine pays out more than my fronted fund?

A: Call us ASAP and we will wire the money to your establishment within 24 hrs.

Q: How long until the setup is complete?

A: This will vary, but the entire process is about 2 weeks.

Q: Does my staff need training?

A: Yes, you will have a demo done and a short training for your staff on how the process will be executed.