Brand Story


When Charles August Fey, sometime in the late 1800s, invented the slot machine, he inadvertently changed the American business landscape forever. Lucky 777 Gaming evolved for sophisticated adult entertainment needs that often stimulate highly organic foot traffic to local businesses. Keeping the doorway filled, adults in high spirit, and the endless quest for high stake adventure – a fail-proof and compliant business model.


By franchising Lucky 777 machines, business owners tap into an almost endless pool of players.
This also brings an almost zero cost marketing value to businesses increasing profit by more than $15,000 annually for each slot machine.
The Lucky 777 Arcade experience adds to the intrinsic value of a business and customer spend.
By a simple summation, businesses who make room for more than 3 machines may never experience business downtime all year round.


We aren’t modest about how compelling the Lucky 777 gaming machines can become – adding vibrancy to even the most colorless crowds. Backed by the powerful attraction our slot machines evoke, owners can accelerate business growth and improve customer loyalty. The franchising model is simple, efficiently maintained, and at no cost to the business except a commitment to keeping customer satisfied.



Value statement

Across the US. gambling is not subject to the same regulations, laws, and social perceptions. Lucky 777’s gaming philosophy emphasizes

          Ethical gaming ,

          Healthy fun,

          Equitable living

          A rich life

          Responsibility, and

          Impeccable user experience.

Our Mission

We have an untamable appetite to dominate the slot machine franchise industry across the United States. We are a family-owned business offering a unique partnership model that obliterates barriers to entry and provides unmatched attention and support. 

Vision statemenT

The Lucky 777 slot machine franchise works through:

Cost-free application.

  1. Regular scheduled maintenance to keep the hardware and software at 100% efficiency.
  2. 24/7 expert support and consultation.
  3. Compliance and legal expertise to ensure our partners operate in line with state requirements at all time.
  4. Novel marketing practices to drive foot traffic to partner businesses. 

Voice & Tone Guidelines

  • The casino gaming industry is growing in scale as more states recognize online casinos. From the  AGA reports, 22 out of 25 states that have casinos saw huger returns in the second quarter of 2021 when checked against the same time period in 2019. Also, 19 out 25 states collected more money in the first half of 2021 compared with the first half of 2019. 

Nevada brought in the most money of any state with $3.46 billion in gambling revenue during the second quarter, up 17% compared with 2019. Pennsylvania is in second with $1.21 billion, up 44.6% and New Jersey collected $1.11 billion, up 35.5% compared with the same time in 2019. (Will Yakowicz, Forbes, 2021).

Looking beyond the promising returns, gaming comes with attendant risks.

Franchising a casino is a major business decision for a lot of adult business operations and comes with many considerations. The customer persona and target audience can be characterized by the following attributes: 

             Business managers, owners, and executives with decision-making power.

       More than 15 years in adult business management.

       High investment risk appetite.

       Adult sole owned or SMEs Located in or around Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Jersey and similar states with relaxed legislation 

The Lucky 777 voicing should be:

Professional and optimistic.

    1. Personal using first or second person addresses in communications.
    2. Familiar with local casino trends.
    3. Impact-driven as a solution for businesses looking to grow sales.
    4. Complimentary by promoting adult entertainment as a value-add service.
    5. Centered on process to demonstrate the ease of business franchising. 


  • The images used in newsletters, emails, social content are just as important as the tone of the content.

 Select images that include: 

             Moderation with adult content.

       Fun and exciting but not chaotic.

       Illustrations of great playing experiences. 

       Community experiences like group activities, friendly hugs, happy winners and their family. 

Promotions, Point of , Sale , Social Media

Post specials, feature new e-liquid “juice” flavors, and post pictures of newly arrived products:

Texting to send out periodic notices of specials. 

Specials and Loyalty Programs

Punch cards for e-liquid and merchandise purchases:

Targeting Local Community Through Events Hosted by the Vapor Store


Coupons, happy hours, and loyalty programs

Owners wanted users to come into the store and spend time trying new e-liquid flavors. 

Happy hours with discounted products:Buy 1 get 1 free, you buy a juice, you get a 10-ml bottle for free and $5.00 Free Play.